View inventory and reduce time to market

Track every inventory vehicle in real-time

Managing both new and used car sales becomes significantly more streamlined with SmartLot. This advanced system equips you with real-time vehicle tracking and robust analytics, enhancing your ability to accurately forecast sales, gross, and key expenses. The tedious tasks of locating vehicles or keys become a thing of the past, allowing you to channel your time and efforts towards strategizing, training your team, and nurturing customer relationships.

SmartLot's capabilities extend beyond simplifying operations; they help you make more informed decisions. With insights on customer preferences, vehicle usage, and dealership sales history, SmartLot enables you to optimize your inventory for maximum turnover efficiency. This data-driven approach informs what vehicles to stock, facilitating a smoother buying process for your customers and ultimately leading to increased satisfaction and repeat business. Moreover, SmartLot's comprehensive record-keeping assists in maintaining compliance with regulations, a critical aspect of your role. With SmartLot at your side, you're better equipped to drive the success of your department and the dealership at large.