Save Time & Money By Easily Locating All Vehicles & Keys

No more wasted time looking keys or vehicles in service and sales. Search by RO#, Vin# or Stock# to quickly identify location of key and vehicle.

How SmartLot Technology Works

Easy install and onboarding process

Find any vehicle, any key, anytime

With Bayley SmartLot you have the power of locating any vehicle or key with one quick search.

Find service customer, sales inventory, loaner keys/vehicles easily

View vehicles/keys located in service/sales/detail in real-time

Automated alerts when vehicles or keys move across the process of service or leave the selected geo-fence

Increased Efficiency + Reduced Headache + Less Policy Expense

Spend more time focusing on sales and running your operation top notch and less time on the hunt for keys and vehicles.

No more questions like, “Have you seen the keys to Mr. Jones vehicle?” Empower your employees by giving them a tool to cut down time and frustration and chaos.

No more keys being written off to service or sales policy because they’ve been misplaced.

Track vendors, service and detail while they work on the vehicle