Stop Searching,
Start Knowing

Real-time insights powered by vehicle and key movements with smartlot's powerful location tracking

We help you increase productivity with
Real-Time Location Based Tracking

SmartTags are added to vehicles and keys upon arrival and then tracked with our SmartSensors as they move into geofenced zones while sending user-defined updates.

Benefits For Everyone

General Manager

Get notified of bottlenecks and
increase productivity.

Used Car Manager

View inventory location & reduce
time to market

Service Manager

Manage shop productivity and
receive critical alerts

Support Staff

Technicians, Salespeople, Porters,
Detail Departments are able to find
exact locations of vehicles and keys,
reducing waste.

Common Dealership Challenges

Finding Vehicles, Keys, Special Tools

Technicians, Salespeople, Advisors & Support Staff waste time searching for vehicles and keys needed to do their job.

Real-Time Data & Location is not provided by current systems

Tracking customer and inventory vehicles through the service and sales lifecycle is hard to do without accurate up to date data.

Service Repair Bottlenecks

It's easy to assume where vehicles are at in the process and how efficient bays and technicians are without accurate real-time data.

Poor Communication

Internal staffing has a hard time giving accurate updates of vehicles in the process and it usually leads to management intervention. "Have you seen the key to this vehicle? " or "Do you know where Stock#1761 is at?"  These are questions that typically get asked multiple times a day by several people and departments.

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What our clients are saying about us

Chris Hicks

Fixed Ops Director - Hubert Vester Auto Group

Game changer. Technicians are easily able to identify where customer cars are at. We cross sell our used cars from our other locations and our used car reconditioning team and managers are able to identify where the vehicles and keys are at quickly. I think the best feature is the automated updates, that keeps our customer facing, revenue generating employees in their place and not searching for answers. I also like the daily audit report, it helps with identifying whats out of place. This tool probably saves us 1/3 of our day that we would normally spend searching for answers, vehicles or keys.

Hubert Vester Auto Group

Christopher Tucker

Service Manager

Not spending time looking for things has cut down on waste in our shop. We are even tracking jump boxes. This has definitely improved my relationship with the Used Car Manager because it cuts down on the unnecessary phone calls of tracking where used cars are at in the process of reconditioning. I know our sales team sees a huge benefit as well with it. We are starting to use this in our body shop as well.

Brown & Wood GMC

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Combining state of the art hardware and software, Bayley helps identify revenue opportunities, reduce waste and increase dealer staff efficiency.