Efficiency Maximizing Solutions For Auto Repair Shops

Take out the assumption in your service department by tracking every event in real-time using our smart devices that identify bottlenecks and drive revenue.  Let us help.

Results That Move The Needle


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Common Dealership Challenges

Technician Shortage

Most service departments cannot find new technicians needed to keep up with consumer demand and to grow their business.  This is why it is more important than ever to cut out bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Cannot See Real-Time Data

Tracking a service vehicle in real-time through check-in to check-out has not been available until now.  How long does it take vehicles to make it to available bays after a repair order is written?  How long on average do vehicles stay in those bays?  What is your CPH (Cars Per Hour) per bay?  You cannot manage it if you cannot measure it.

Service Repair Bottlenecks

How long does it take the parts department or a service advisor to get back to a technician after recommendations have been made?  Identifying and cutting down on these bottlenecks improve additional recommendation approvals, customer satisfaction, retention and technician morale.

Unnecessary Inefficiencies

Have you seen the keys to Mr. Seymour’s vehicle?  How often does your service and sales staff spend looking service & sales vehicles and keys?  Most dealerships on average lose 5-10 keys per month and each employee can spend up to 25-30 minutes per day looking keys or vehicles.

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What our clients are saying about us

Justin Gainey

Fixed Ops Director

Bayley has helped me identify the exact times that bays are down and if I have unapplied labor during those times.  This has helped me protect my net profit, while running more efficiently and lean during less busy times.

Hudson Automotive Group

Christopher Tucker

Shop Foreman

We have cut our R.O. creation to bay entry time down by 13 minutes per vehicle.  This has helped us get recommendations to customers faster, which has led more billed hours, higher E.L.R., happier technicians and customers.

Hendrick Automotive Group

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Combining state of the art hardware and software, Bayley helps identify revenue opportunities, increase billable hours per bay and technician efficiency.