Manage shop productivity and receive alerts

Reach ultimate efficiency and productivity

In your role as the Service Manager, SmartLot becomes a game-changing partner, transforming the way your department operates and interacts with customers. By leveraging real-time vehicle tracking and analytics, SmartLot relieves you of the hassles associated with locating vehicles or tools. This frees up time that you can utilize for planning, strategizing, and enhancing team performance, ultimately driving improved productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, SmartLot's robust record-keeping and reporting features help in maintaining a smooth, transparent relationship with customers. With immediate access to each vehicle's service history, you're empowered to provide personalized, timely service, leading to increased customer satisfaction. On a broader scale, the insights provided by SmartLot enable you to anticipate service trends, streamline your inventory of parts, and make data-driven decisions. In short, SmartLot is an invaluable ally in managing your service department effectively, contributing to a high-performing dealership.