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Meet SmartShop:

Up until now, vehicle technicians depended on multiple people and departments to complete repairs and other critical automotive operations, wasting their valuable time on useless, productivity-killing procedures.

Not Anymore!

Invented by an award-winning service manager, Bayley is here to change the repair shop workplace once and for all! Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, our tool simplifies and speeds up automotive repair operations. This highly efficient IoT device comes in an ergonomic design to mount on service repair lifts. Plus, it offers valuable assistance to technicians, helping them complete the required car repairs quickly.

Available on bay mounted tablet or through web/mobile apps.

For Fixed Ops, By Fixed Ops

After running numerous real-life tests in repair shops and receiving insightful feedback from professional technicians, service managers, and business owners, we have designed a revolutionary device that exists to eliminate inefficiency and guarantee a smooth, problem-free workflow.

Identify Bottlenecks By Tracking Every Event In Real-Time

Access Updates Immediately

Management and service advisors can access the current status of each vehicle remotely from their computers without having to leave their desks or station.

This reporting option allows them to monitor the workflow, their technicians’ speed, and efficiency and inform their customers without further delays. Plus, they can identify potential bottlenecks and better organize their business operations.

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Smart Shop is very affordable and produces an enormous ROI

Take your auto repair business to the next level and make technology work for you.

Created with your efficiency and convenience in mind, Bayley Smart Shop will become an essential tool.

Don't just take our WORD for it.

Brian Kramer

General Manager

German Toyota & Lincoln of Napies

“Consumers expect transparency, and real-time updated.... We needed a solution to provide real-time status updates, improve technician productivity, and provide clients a ‘Service Tracker’.....

We’ve chosen to partner with Bayley Smart Shop - criticzl piece of any dealership’s Fixed Operations future tech stack.”